This set of vacuum bags will increase your storage space — and they're on sale

2021-12-23 07:49:02 By : Ms. Tina Gu

Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

Whether you're in a tiny apartment and need compact storage for off-season clothes or have extra bedding spilling out of your closet shelves, a set of vacuum bags can save you a ton of storage space (and stress) around the house. Right now, you can grab 12 of them in small, medium, and large sizes for just $38.74. 

Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags - $38.24 (originally $44.97) from Amazon 

This set of 12 bags includes three small, three medium, three large, and three jumbo-sized bags, which can fit everything from clothing to your collection of spare blankets and sheets. The small bags fit six to eight sweaters on their own, so when you get up to the medium, large, and jumbo bags, we're talking serious storage. The set also comes with a useful hand pump that makes it easy to get every cubic inch of air out of the bag without letting any air back in.

Scoop it up on Amazon for $38.74 now.