Container air inflatable bag, air bag

Features1. consists of Kraft paper-Polywoven laminated layer outer and 5-layer co-extrusion polyethylene inner. 2. industrial style spring valve(one way) to handle the toughest rides. 3. brown paper bag rigidity and polywoven strength. 4. moisture resistant air dunnage bag. 5. Superior cushioning effect. It c

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1. consists of Kraft paper-Polywoven laminated layer outer and 5-layer co-extrusion polyethylene inner.


2. industrial style spring valve(one way) to handle the toughest rides.


3. brown paper bag rigidity and polywoven strength.


4. moisture resistant air dunnage bag.


5. Superior cushioning effect. It can absorb and release external force and vibration.


6. High quality cushion, improve company image for its good protection of goods.


7. It remains flat before inflation, requiring minimal storage and transportation space.


8. cost effective added assurance.


9. easily fast inflation process, save packing/loading time and reduce transport cost.


10. Recyclable and Reusable(reusable for 5 times under proper use), saving resource.


11. Working pressure: 0.2bar, burst pressure 0.6bar.

12. ISO certified, SGS certified, conforming to ROHS regulations. 


13. Application fields: It's most suitable for land and oceans shipment through container or truck load. 


14. Different sizes are available for different usage conditions. popular sizes:500×1000, 800×1200, 1000×1800, 1000×2000, 1000×2200.

Container Air Dunnage Bags, Air Bags

How to select the Dunnage Bag size?

Important Safety Consideration:

At maximum void size, the air bags still has a 50% or more contact area. Exceeding the maximum void may result in premature air big failure. When the voids are greater then 24", use honeycomb panel or other fillers to reduce the void.


1. Standard Void: As the container size and pallet size are standard size, when cargo put into container, the void and height are standard, too. For quick selection of the correct dunnage bag size, please refer to the following normal used sizes.


ModelAir Bag Size                 (W×L)mmVoid width≤(mm)Height(mm)
YLDB 0812B800×12002501100
YLDB 0918B900×18002501700
YLDB 1018B1000×18003001700
YLDB 1020B1000×20003001900
YLDB 1022B1000×22003002100
YLDB 1224B1200×24004002000
Working pressure: 0.2Bar/20Kpa/2.9P.S.I

2. unstandard Void:

Measure distance from floor to top of load and select a bag size that is closest to the measured length.
Measure void between cargo and select a bag width that has about 2~3 times of the measured void.
Our professional staff can help you design packing products and the option of products, providing advice and guidance to the scene at any time.


Void Width(mm)Dunnage bag width(mm)
8" ( 200mm )24" ( 600mm )
10" ( 250mm )36" ( 900mm )
12" ( 300mm )40" ( 1000mm )
15" ( 400mm )48" ( 1200mm )


How to inflate of dunnage bags?

The following equipments are needed to inflate dunnage bags:

Air pressure gauge
Inflator tool
Compressed air from an air compressor

The following steps are for refference:
Container Air Dunnage Bags, Air Bags



1. In order to protect the operator when open the door of the container, do not use Dunnage bag between the goods and door of container. If it must use it ,please stay dunnage bag.

2. Before use the dunnage bag, measuring the overall height of the goods, the void between the goods package, the depth of the pallet package, etc.

3. Make sure the working pressure is 0.1Bbar/10Kpa/1.45P.S.I.

4. If the package with sharp edge(such as wood case, wood pallet), please input the card paper or other honey panel around the dunnage bag to protect the dunnage bag out of puncturing.

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Container Air Dunnage Bags, Air Bags

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