Super battery rubber fender / boat fender (TD-A630H)

Quick Detail:1. Material: EPDM, SBR, NR, etc;2. Usage: Collision avoidance, protect shipboard3. Shape: Cell Fender4. Certificate: CE, SGS, BV, CCS, ISO90015. Warrantee: 10 yearsDescription:1. On the basis that counterforce do not increase, if deflection distance augments

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Quick Detail:
1. Material: EPDM, SBR, NR, etc;
2. Usage: Collision avoidance, protect shipboard
3. Shape: Cell Fender
4. Certificate: CE, SGS, BV, CCS, ISO9001
5. Warrantee: 10 years

1. On the basis that counterforce do not increase, if deflection distance augments by 13%, energy absorption will rise by 17% while counterforce energy absorption ratio (E/R· H) of each unit will go up by 15%.

2. Among stress rubber fender series, TD-A cell fender possesses relatively small inclination and stress change in performance.
3. UHMW-PE frontal pad is fixed in the front of frontal berthing to lower friction coefficient and reduce the shear force in berthing by large margin.

1. Frontal berthing is fixed on frontal fender in an effort to alleviating stress acted upon sides of ship. According to specific demand, surface stress can drop to as low as 25t/m2. Thus, it is particularly suitable for berthing of large vessels.
2. Owing to high reaction force energy absorption per unit, it is can excellently meet the requirements of open sea wharf and dolphin type berth.

Competitive Advantage:
L Wide range of sizes
L High efficiency
L Good angular performance
L Modular design
L Well proven design
L PIANC tested and certified

1, E/R-H: 15percent more:
Effectiveness of the fender is designated by E/R· H.
The value of E/R-H of super cell rubber fender is 0.450 which is 15% higher than the 0.383 for the ordinary cell fender.
The combination of super cell fender and new grade of rubber fender helps to make designing more economical.
This super cell fender with the new grade of rubber can be a size smaller but perform as well as a size larger.
2, Wider dispersion of stress:
Super cell fender is improved over the ordinary cell fender at the buckling point and the shape of edge of the leg.
Its wider dispersion of stress has been corroborated by the FEM (Finite Element Method).
The wider dispersion of stress makes it possible to increase the design deflection from 47.5% to 52.5%, resulting in superior performance of the super cell fender, as well as being durable.
3, Well performing at angular berthing:
For selecting a fender system suitable for berthing of large vessels, angular performance is one of the most important factors to be considered.

Rubber grade
Rated deflection 52.5%Maximum deflection 55%
Reaction Force
Energy absorption
Reaction force
Energy absorption
Super high reaction force (P3)2968231587
Super high reaction force (P2)2637327977
High reaction force (P1)2286324268
Standard reaction force (P0)1754818551
Low reaction force (P01)1403914941

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