Weed/fuel/garbage/passenger/windlass used tugboat/workboat for sale

Weed/fuel/garbage/passenger/anchor lift used tug boat/work boat for saleProduct description:1. It is a full automatic water weed transport ship. When the water weed harvester discharge the weed to this ship, the transpor

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Weed/fuel/garbage/passenger/anchor lift used tug boat/work boat for sale
Weed/Fuel/Garbage/Passenger/Anchor Lift Used Tug Boat/Work Boat for Sale

Product description:
1. It is a full automatic water weed transport ship. When the water weed harvester discharge the weed to this ship, the transport cabin motor starts to adjust the loading capacity. The weed moves from transport cabin to storage cabin during loading, and from storage cabin to transport cabin during discharging.  
2. The water weed transport ship consists of pontoons, operation room, power system, transport cabin and storage cabin etc. It's used to transport the water weed from the water weed harvester,which makes the transport and discharge fully automatic.
3.It is with one pontoon and four paddle wheels, controlled by hydraulic system. The transport system all use hydraulic system and electric remote control.  
4. It use precision hydraulic technology to control all the transport process. Hydraulic pump is used to control gear distributor, which runs the storage cabin and transport cabin conveyors and control the rise and fall of cabins. All the actions could work separately or work together. Transport cabin and storage cabin are both made by high strength nylon connectors.  

Main Specifications:
NameWork boat/tug boatDimension20x5.4x4.2m
EngineCummins/Weichai 350hpCrane5t
Fuel tank40000LWinch4t
Generator30kwWorking Speed3.5km/h

Our service:
1.Life-cycle support:Julong promises to offer special and full-scale service for all its life.It could furtherest increase the service life of the machine,reduce the total cost,and help clients to get the maximal investment returns.
2.Training:Julong supplies high-quality and advanced training service for the site operation people to ensure that crews operate the dredger in high efficient way to reach the best output.Julong life-cycle support also allows operators to maintain the durability and reliability of their systems through a range of specialist services.
3.Maintenance and After-Sales service:Julong are ready at all times to supply solutions and guarantee for any breakdown.It includes paying attention to the system stability and quick supply of spare parts and maintenance.Julong global service network consists of technicians,purchasing staff and local service offices,which could assure to offer best service in short time.

Weed/Fuel/Garbage/Passenger/Anchor Lift Used Tug Boat/Work Boat for Sale
Weed/Fuel/Garbage/Passenger/Anchor Lift Used Tug Boat/Work Boat for Sale


Weed/Fuel/Garbage/Passenger/Anchor Lift Used Tug Boat/Work Boat for Sale

1.High efficiency,longer persistence.
2.Strong construction,higher security.
3.Good economic performance,lower operating cost.
4.Modular construction makes the boat be produced,transported and assembled very quickly.
5.Spare parts are available. Completely tested before delivery.
6.The work boat can be made according to customers' request.

Weed/Fuel/Garbage/Passenger/Anchor Lift Used Tug Boat/Work Boat for Sale
Generally it will be transported by two units 40inch High container 

About us:
Julong focuses on the research, designing and manufacturing of various water engineering ships and platforms. We are a professional manufacturer and reliable service provider of dredging machines, water cleaning harvesters, mining machinery and sand processing machinery. Julong started the manufacturing of dredgers and related machinery in 1993. With more than 20 years' experience, Julong can design and manufacture a variety of high-quality engineering machinery according to customers' requests. Our products are famous for simple operation, reliable performance, perfect environmental adaptability,low cost and long working life. At present Julong has been appointed as senior member of China Dredging Association(CHIDA), member of Qingzhou Dredging Machinery Association, one of Weifang Excellent Scientific and Technological Private Enterprises and Excellent Innovative Enterprises. Julong products have got the Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001-2008 , MA Quality Inspection & Test Certificate. Julong brand is shown as promoted brand on CCTV (China Central Television).
Weed/Fuel/Garbage/Passenger/Anchor Lift Used Tug Boat/Work Boat for Sale

Weed/Fuel/Garbage/Passenger/Anchor Lift Used Tug Boat/Work Boat for Sale

Q1: Is Julong a reliable company?
Qingzhou Julong Environment Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Qingzhou City, Shandong Province, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the investment, consultation, designing, manufacturing, assembly and operation management of environmental protection projects and machinery with more than 20 years' experience. Our factory covers 5800 m2 and has more than 100 employees.

Q2: What about the delivery?
We can offer our equipment by containers or bulk ship, just depend on your actual requests.
Julong always has various dredgers, aquatic weed harvesters etc. in stock. Spare parts are available too. Thus the delivery time can be shortened. 

Q3: What's the payment method?
We can accept T/T, L/C, WESTERN UNION and so on.

Q4: What's the warranty?
We provide 1 year warranty and free repair if quality problems emerge within warranty peride.

Q5: Why choose Julong company?
We are factory, so we can design and manufacture the suitable dredger, water cleaning boat, mining machinery according to clients' requirements, and our equipment have good quality and competitive price.

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If you need further information about our products, please send your message to me in below card. 
Weed/Fuel/Garbage/Passenger/Anchor Lift Used Tug Boat/Work Boat for Sale


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